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White Leghorn Chicken Breed- 300 eggs per chicken

White Leghorn Chicken Breed Picture

White Leghorn Chicken Breed

The White Leghorn chicken breed originated in the Leghorn district of Italy. They were brought to the United States in the mid 1800’s on Spanish ships who sold their extra stock once arriving.

The White Leghorn arrived in England in 1870 from the US and were immediately recognized as an amazing laying hen. There are currently 16 varieties of White Leghorn chicken breeds  recognized by the American Standard. White Leghorns are currently used as both egg laying chickens and chickens for meat. White Leghorns are know for laying 300 eggs per chicken in a year! The White Leghorn chicken breed is a white egg layer.

White Leghorn Chicken Breed Profile

Class: Mediterranean

Weight: Rooster: 6Lbs. Hen:4.5Lbs. Cockerel:5Lbs. Pullet:4Lbs

Comb: Medium single or medium rose. The male’s have 5 deeply serrated points that extend well over the back of the head. The female’s single has a smaller configuration and the back 4 points droop gradually to one side. The rose is square in front and tapers to a defined spike that extends horizontally over the back of the head.

Tail: Large size. The male’s is carried at a 40 degree angle and the female’s at 35 degrees.

Legs; yellow shanks and toes.

Eggs: Medium sized and White

Eggs Per Chicken Per Year: 300

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