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Urban Chicken Coop

Urban Chicken Coop Picture

Urban Chicken Coop Design

I built this urban chicken coop with the urban chicken keeper in mind. I also wanted something that is more appealing and is semi-mobile.

The chicken coop is an A-frame style with 2 levels to maximize space. Although I like to let my chickens out of their coop during the day, this coop has enough room to comfortably house 4 full size hens.

The chicken coop has a roosting area for the hens, 3 nesting boxes, and both covered and uncovered areas within the coop. The closed in areas have adequate ventilation, yet still shields the hens from winds. The uncovered areas allow the hens to get sunlight and warm up, while the covered areas give shade and shelter from weather.

The 2 parts of the urban chicken coop can be separated for moving or cleaning and the nesting boxes are removable as well.

Looking back over a year now since I built the coop, I have a few improvements for my next urban style coop.

1. I should have painted the coop instead of using waterseal. The waterseal protectant didn’t do a very good job at standing up to the weather. A nice coat of paint would have better protected the coop and would give it a better look.

2. I should have used treated wood for the bottom frame of the coop. Although the cheap 2X3’s are not showing any sign of deterioration, treated lumber would definitely last longer.

3. More doors would be nice. I originally intended on have 3-4 doors on the coop, however my hens were growing impatient with the poor quality coop they were in at the time and were demanding decent nesting boxes

4. Better support on the top of the nesting boxes. I have added an extra 2X3 for support on the lid of the nesting boxes. The severe rain storms of SC had begun to bow the plywood.


Urban chicken coop

Urban chicken coop

Dilapidated Chicken Coop

Dilapidated Chicken Coop

All this being said, the urban chicken coop turned out to be a huge success. The hens lover it, its much more attractive than the previous coop, and it serves all the needs of my hens. Someday I may move back to suburbia and a coop of this style will be perfect.



Here a few snapshots of the construction of the urban chicken coop

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