Chicken Tractors

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Why Raise Chickens

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Choosing a Chicken Breed

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Dual Purpose Chickens

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Raising Chicks

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Thoughts on Chicken Feed

Chicken Feed

What do Chickens Need from Chicken Feed

A lot of people shy away from raising chickens in their backyard because they mistakenly think that feeding them is hard work or that chicken feed is overly complicated. However, feeding chickens in your backyard need not be complicated.

This task can even be made simpler if you decide to free range your chickens since all you need to do is to give them supplemental chicken feeds like grains or the commercially prepared chicken feeds. Free ranged chickens will normally scratch their food from around the property.

However, if you are confining your chickens in small chicken coops or stalls then you have to make sure that you give them a well balanced diet. There is a wide array of commercial chicken feeds in your local poultry shop that you can choose from. These pre-packed chicken feeds are usually a mixture of different grains and crumbles.

Just remember 3G’s in feeding chickens: grains, grass and grit and you will surely do well.

Vitamin supplements from time to time will help your cooped chickens get the essential nutrients that they would have gotten from bugs and other insects had they been free ranged. Grit is also very important for them in digesting their food since it serve as their teeth. Chickens that are free ranged will just find grit on the ground but this needs to be given to cooped chickens on a regular basis.

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