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What Do Chickens Need

What Do Chickens Need?

Congratulations! Your decision to raise chickens is commendable. From eggs to chicken meat to the joy of hearing and seeing them crow, peck and scratch, rearing these birds will give you a lot of benefits. Before you pick up your chickens, you must ask yourself, “What do Chickens Need?”. Chicken raising, however, is a huge responsibility. It’s not enough that you buy them and let them roam around the yard. Your chickens have needs that you need to meet if you want them to survive, breed and give you eggs and meat.

Chicken Roosts

Roosting Flock of Chickens

Chicken Roosts, The Basics

It is the nature of wild chickens to roost in tree limbs to escape predators. This instinctive behavior, however, is still present in domesticated chickens such that even when you put them in confinement, they will find the best chicken roosts available.
Other than perpetuating this basic instinct, the act of roosting also has other benefits for your chickens.Roosting puts your birds far from the ground when they are sleeping. This is one of the basics of what chickens need. Keep in mind that the ground is where most of the harmful bacteria are deposited. Chicken droppings and dung are pooled on the earth and immediately becomes breeding sites for bacteria which can cause illnesses to your birds. Allowing your chicken to spend the night on the ground puts them at greater risk for infections because the ammonia emitted from these droppings can cause respiratory diseases like infectious coryza in your birds.