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San Diego City Council Approves Backyard Chickens

San Diego now joins the numerous number of cities to review and approve backyard chickens.

The city council approved backyard chickens, miniature goats, and even bees.

Chickens are limited to a maximum # of chickens, depending on the area of San Diego, and roosters are prohibited completely. San Diego approved up to 25 chickens in some areas.

The changes are expected to be in place sometime mid-March. San Diego has clearly made a huge step in the right direction by encouraging urban farming.

This also sends a message to other cities and towns, as San Diego is the largest municipality to approve chickens in the recent years.

If citizens are allowed and encouraged to grow their own food and experience the joys of chickens in the middle of a major metropolis, then there is no reason that every city can’t review and change their restrictions.

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