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Rhode Island Red Chicken Breed

Rhode Island Red Chicken Breed Picture

Rhode Island Red Chicken Breed

The Rhode Island Red breed is and all American chicken breed created in the small town of Little Compton, Rhode Island. The breed was created in the 1800’s and first exhibited in Boston in 1880. The Rhode Island Red is a hardy, dual-purpose breed which gained great popularity in the first half of the twentieth century.

Rhode Island Red’s are a cross between Red Malay Games, Leghorns, and Asian stock. The Rhode Island Red Chicken is also the state bird of Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Reds are one of the most popular dual purpose chickens, even to this day. They are know for being one of the best laying hens and for their ability to tolerate harsh winter environments. The Rhode Island is a great dual purpose chicken breed, which became very popular as one of the best laying hens and a great meat chicken. The Rhode Island Red chicken breed is a brown egg layer.

Rhode Island Red Chicken Profile

Class: American

Varieties: Single Comb, Rose Comb

Weight:     Rooster:8.5Lbs     Hen:6.5Lbs     Cockerel:7.5Lbs     Pullet:5.5Lbs

Comb: Single or Rose. The single is straight and upright with five even points, The center points are larger. The rose is oval and terminates in a slightly drooping spike.
Tail: Medium sized. The rooster’s is carried at 20 degrees and the hen’s at 10 degrees.

Leg: Rich yellow shanks and toes with a tinge of reddish

Eggs: Medium sized, brown eggs



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    I’m interested in raising this type of chicken. but I don’t know where can I found it in South Africa. thank you

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