Chicken Tractors

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Why Raise Chickens

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Choosing a Chicken Breed

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Dual Purpose Chickens

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Raising Chicks

 Raising Chicks Chicks are cute little things. They are so cuddly that when you see them in a hatchery or a feed store, there is always that urge to raise chicks. Or, More »


Plastic Chicken Nesting Boxes

Plastic chicken nesting boxes

Plastic Chicken Nesting Boxes

Chicken nesting boxes are normally made of wood, plastic, or metal. They provide the laying hen a comfortable, cool and peaceful place for laying eggs. Beddings are normally placed in the chicken nesting box in order to shield the eggs from breaking, ensuring that the eggs do not get dirty, and enable the laying hen to be comfortable. Chicken nesting box dimensions are usually one 9-12 inches tall, 12 inches deep, and 12 inches wide and should be raised at least two feet above the ground.
Plastic nesting boxes are made from plastic materials that neither corrode nor rot. Unlike wooden chicken boxes, plastic chicken nesting boxes are waterproof just like galvanized and various metal nesting boxes. Their smooth sides are also easy to clean.

Plastic nesting boxes are less expensive than metal, galvanized, and wooden chicken nesting boxes. The slippery roof of a plastic chicken nesting box prevents roosting and the assists in drainage that gets rid of water that might otherwise leak into the nesting box. Plastic chicken nesting boxes are sometimes fragile and can get broken or melt when exposed to high temperatures.Though plastic chicken nesting boxes are less durable than wooden, galvanized, or metal chicken nesting boxes, their benefits outweigh these drawbacks in certain situations.

Nesting boxes for sale can be found in a number of online stores that specialize in the sale of chicken and poultry supplies. It is also very easy to purchase your plastic chicken nesting boxes online. Online purchases of chicken nesting boxes make it easy to purchase the following types of nesting boxes: metal chicken nest boxes, plastic chicken nesting boxes, or wooden chicken nesting boxes. You have the option of various sizes such as: 6 hole chicken nesting boxes, 3 hole nesting boxes, or even single nesting boxes. You can find cheap chicken nesting boxes that suit your needs and fit into your budget. I will be purchasing the one below for my next coop. It is cheap and easy to mount.


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