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Orpington Chicken Breed

Orpington Chicken Breed Picture

Orpington Chicken Breed

The Orpington Chicken Breed originated in England when William Cook was the first to breed an American chicken breed, a Mediterranean chicken breed, and an Asian chicken breed. Cook, a resident of Orpington, England, wanted a laying hen, a meat chicken, and for chicken breed for exhibition.

He also wanted a black chicken breed that would not show the dirt and soot of London. Cook crossed a Black Minorca male with an American Barred Plymouth Rock Female. He then mate the black offspring pullets with Black Langshan males. What he got was a Black Orpinton in 1886.

Cook then introduced the White Orpinton in 1889 and the Buff Orpington in 1894. The Orpington Chicken Breed arrived in the US around 1890 and quickly became popular as dual purpose chickens. With weights up to 10Lbs, Orpingtons are considered by many as the best meat chickens to keep in your backyard or small farm. Laying up to 200 eggs per year also make the Orpington a great laying hen. The Orpington chicken breed is a brown egg layer.

It is believed that the Orpington chicken breed, at one time,  would lay up to 340 eggs per chicken in a single year, however this attribute was bred out of them as breeders were looking for a more appealing appearance.

One of the most fantastic attributes of the Orpington is that they DO NOT STOP LAYING IN THE WINTER. This fact, in my opinion, makes them the best dual purpose chickens  for egg production in your backyard. Even though they do not produce as many eggs as other breeds, they consistently produce eggs for you.

Orpington Chicken Breed Profile

Class: English

Varieties: Buff, White, Black, Blue

Weight:     Rooster:10Lbs     Hen:8Lbs     Cockerel:8.5Lbs     Pullet:7Lbs

Comb: Medium sized, Upright with five distinct points and the middle being larger

Tail: Moderately long, the male carries it at a 25 degree angle and the female at 15 degress

Legs: Short and Stout. The White Orpingtons and the Buff Orpingtons have white legs with a pink tint. The Black Orpinton has dark slate legs. The Blue Orpington has bluish legs. All have feet that are pinkish white.

Eggs: Medium to large size. A light to dark brown  coloring

Eggs per year: 175 to 200 eggs per chicken


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