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Miller Plastic Nesting Boxes

Miller Chicken Nesting Boxes

Plastic Nesting Boxes

These plastic nesting boxes are the best nesting boxes I have used. Cheap, durable, and versatile.

The nesting boxes are the perfect size for medium and large breeds and the chickens love them. I haven’t had any issues with chickens laying eggs in the yard since I bought these. The chickens prefer the nesting boxes to making their own nest.

They are as cheap as building your own out of lumber, however last much longer. They are surprisingly durable and can take a serious beating without any damage. I have had some for a couple years now and they look and function as new.

The plastic boxes will not rot out like wood will and are easy to clean.

Miller Nesting BoxesPlastic Chicken Nesting Boxes

The ability to screw them to any surface is the best attribute of these boxes. I have used them in chicken tractors, coops, and have even screwed them to trees. The plastic makes them lightweight so they do not need a huge amount of support, unlike wooden nesting boxes that tend to sag over time.

You can easily move them from place to place. Just unscrew them, and mount them wherever your want.

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  1. ROYSFARM says:

    We were searching for some nest boxes for our free range chickens. Hope this boxes will be perfect for them. Thanks!

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