Chicken Tractors

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Why Raise Chickens

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Choosing a Chicken Breed

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Dual Purpose Chickens

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Raising Chicks

 Raising Chicks Chicks are cute little things. They are so cuddly that when you see them in a hatchery or a feed store, there is always that urge to raise chicks. Or, More »


Metal Chicken Nesting Boxes

Metal Chicken Nesting Boxes Picture


Metal chicken nesting boxes are an open metal container that are made for chicken to lay their eggs in. Chicken nesting boxes are usually made of metal, wood, plastic and sometimes wood and concrete. They provide the chicken a cool and quiet place that is very comfortable to lay their eggs.

Beddings are usually placed in the nesting boxes in order to protect eggs from breaking, ensure that the eggs are clean, and make the chicken feel more comfortable. Materials used for bedding are hay, wood shavings, shredded paper and straw.

Metal chicken boxes are made of metal and have the advantage of lasting Metal Chicken Nesting Boxeslonger than plastic and wooden chicken nesting boxes. Metal nesting boxes are strong and can withstand a lot of pressure as compared to plastic and wooden nesting boxes that can break very easily. Metal chicken nesting boxes are also waterproof, unlike the wooden nesting boxes. The disadvantages of metal chicken nesting boxes is that that they are corrosive, they rust and are more expensive than plastic and wooden chicken nesting boxes. This is of course one that you can overlook due to other immense benefits.

Galvanized chicken nesting boxes are made from thick, heavy steel that is galvanized and lasts for many years without rusting. They come with plates that are removable to make cleaning easier and available in holes of size four, six and ten. They have plastic perches that fold to avoid roosting at night as no chickens can get in.
Galvanized Heavy Duty 4 Hole Poultry Nest Box
6 hole chicken nesting boxes can be made from wood, metal or plastic and comes with six nest boxes where six chickens can lay eggs at the same time.
Plastic chicken nesting boxes are made from plastics that do not corrode or rot. They are cheaper than metal chicken nesting boxes, but are fragile. They can break easily or melt due to high temperatures. They have smooth sides and are easy to clean. Their roofs are sloped to avoid roosting and have drainage to get rid of water that gets in the box. They also have a panel at the front that is raised.

Wooden chicken nesting boxes are made from wood. They are more durable than plastic chicken nesting boxes. Just like plastic nesting boxes, they are cheaper than metal chicken nesting boxes, but are not waterproof like metal nesting boxes.

Metal chicken nesting boxes are a great value for those who want durability and longevity in their nesting boxes. They cost more up front, however save you money over time.

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