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Dual Purpose Chickens

Rhode Island Red Dual Purpose Chicken Picture

Dual Purpose Chickens Dual Purpose Chickens are the best egg laying hens combined with the best meat chickens. The truth of the matter is that there are plenty of chicken breeds that are good for both purposes.  As the name itself suggests, they have two-fold purpose of being the best laying hens and meat chickens.

Barred Rock Chicken Breed AKA Plymouth Rock

Barred Rock Rooster Picture

Plymouth and Barred Rock Chicken Breed Plymouth rocks come in a few varieties. The most common is the Barred Rock. Boston is home to the first appearance of the Plymouth Rock Breed in 1849. The Plymouth Rock is a cross of the Cochin, Dorking, Malay, and red jungle fowl, creating a chicken breed with many variations [...]

Rhode Island Red Chicken Breed

Rhode Island Red Chicken Breed Picture

Rhode Island Red Chicken Breed The Rhode Island Red breed is and all American chicken breed created in the small town of Little Compton, Rhode Island. The breed was created in the 1800′s and first exhibited in Boston in 1880. The Rhode Island Red is a hardy, dual-purpose breed which gained great popularity in the [...]

Catalana Chicken Breed

catalana chicken breed picture

Catalana Chicken Breed Originating from the district of Prat, Spain, the Buff Catalana chicken breed was first introduced in 1902. The Catalana chicken breed was first introduced at the works fair in Madrid, Spain and became popular in South American countries.

Chantecler Chicken Breed

Chantecler Chicken Breed Picture

Chantecler Chicken Breed The Chantecler chicken breed was developed at the Oka Agricultural Institute in Quebec, Canada. After 10 years of breeding and development, the Chantecler chicken breed was introduced in 1918.

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