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Cubalaya Chicken Breed

Cubalaya Chicken Breed

Cubalaya Chicken Breed

The Cubalaya chicken breed is believed to have originated from Oriental game fowl in combination with Old English and Spanish fowl. The breed was brought to Cuba from the Philippines and served as a utility breed.

The Cubalaya served the egg and meat needs as a dual purpose chicken and also as entertainment through cockfighting. The chicken breed provide quality white meat and are great egg layers. They are profusely feathered with flamboyant colors in the Black Breasted Red variety.

The Cubalaya chicken breed was first exhibited in the US in 1939 and are now quite rare in the United States.

Cubalaya Chicken Breed Profile

Class: Oriental

Varieties: Black Breasted Red, White, Black

Weight:      Rooster:6lbs     Hen:4lbs     Cockerel:4.5lbs     Pullet:3lbs

Comb: Pea style

Tail: Very long and curved downward, often dragging on the ground

Legs: Pinkish legs and feet, except the Black variety that has slate colored legs and feet. Spurs are short and dome shaped

Eggs: Small white eggs

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