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Cochin Chicken Breed

Cochin Chicken Breed

Cochin Chicken History

The Cochin chicken breed is believed to originated from the Chinese town of Shanghai in the 1800’s and originally called Shanghais. There is some dispute of the actual origin of the chicken breed. The name of the breed was eventually changed to Cochin China, after beliefs that the breed originated in the Vietnam region call Cochin China.

The Cochin was exported from China, in 1845 when Queen Victoria received them as a gift, after the China War. The English thought the breed was gigantic as the Queen showed them off in her poultry yard and at poultry shows. Some called them “ostrich fowl” or thought that they were related to buzzards, due to their size. Due to writings of their long legs, it is believed that the Cochins of the time did not have the feathered legs that they do today.

A large amount of long feathers and down under fluff make Cochins apear round in shape. Bantam Cochin breeds are now popular in Australia and Great Britain as pets and show chickens, called Pekins. All breeds of Cochins are very friendly and make great brooders and mothers.

Cochin Chicken Breed Profile


Varieties: Buff, Partridge, White, Black, Silver Laced, Golden Laced, Blue, and Brown

Weight:     Rooster:11lbs     Hen:8.5lbs     Cockerel:9lbs     Pullet:7lbs

Comb: Single comb with 5 points. The rooster’s is medium sized with the center point being the largest. The hen’s is small with even points

Tail: Round, short, and full feathered

Legs: Yellow shanks and toes. Full feathering completely hides legs

Eggs: Small and brown



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  1. Johan Senekal says:

    I have 2 small Cochin chickens. I am wondering how can I find out if one is a rooster or hen. Can someone help me please?

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