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Chicken Coops

Backyard Chicken Coops Picture

Chicken Coops The primary purpose of having a chicken coop is to provide your roosters and laying hens with an environment that will protect them from danger and the elements. That’s what chickens need. With this in mind, good chicken coops should be sturdy enough to hold them and protect them from predators. It should [...]

Slithering Chicken Predators

Slithering Chicken Predators

Slithering Chicken Predators While I was prepared to ward off sneaky foxes, clever coons, hungry coyotes, and other chicken predators, I wasn’t prepared for yesterday’s experience.

Chicken Predators

Chicken Predators -Foxes, Coyotes, Hawks, and Pets You wake up one morning only to find out that your laying hens or your best meat chickens are missing a head, limb or are missing completely. Sadly, this is a common occurrence in some communities where raising chickens was thought to be safe. Often residents are dissuaded [...]

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