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Cheap Chicken Nesting Boxes

Cheap Chicken Nesting Boxes

Cheap Chicken Nesting Boxes

Getting started with your chickens can sometimes seem expensive, however there are options for cheap chicken nesting boxes.

If you are at all familiar with raising chickens, you will understand the importance of providing chicken nesting boxes for your hens.The nesting boxes will give your hens a clean, safe place in which to lay their eggs. They not only provide your laying hens with needed privacy, but also make it easier for you to find and collect the eggs.

Cheap Improvised Chicken Nesting Boxes

Your chickens do not require anything fancy and you will only need one nesting box for every 3-4 laying hens. You may even be able to use items from around the house to make cheap chicken nesting boxes. Such items as cat litter boxes, plastic milk crates, or large plastic bowls with one side cut out will do nicely and make practical and cheap chicken nesting boxes. Other ideas include using old plastic laundry baskets with one side cut out, wooden crates, or plastic buckets placed on their sides. Always be certain to properly sanitize the items to be used before using them as chicken nesting boxes. Never use any container that has ever stored anything toxic or chemical related either, to ensure the safety of your chickens.

Building Chicken Nesting Boxes

Other cheap chicken nesting boxes include the make it yourself variety. Standard chicken nesting box dimensions for most chicken breeds measure 9-10″ high by 12″ wide, by about 12″ deep. For larger chicken breeds, add about 2 inches to each measurement for an accurate sized nesting box. You can construct cheap chicken nesting boxes by using leftover plywood from another project. When creating your chicken nesting box plans, allow for an opening about 10” high for the laying hens to enter the nesting box. Keep a wooden edge about 2” high across the bottom to help keep litter or bedding material in place and to prevent eggs from rolling out and breaking. Make a 45 degree pitched roof to discourage other chickens from sitting on top of the chicken nesting box.

Chicken Nesting Boxes for Sale

You may also wish to find chicken nesting boxes for sale. There are some great deals to be found on used chicken nesting boxes as well and new nesting boxes.

-Amazon offers a few cheap chicken nesting boxes at prices of around $15-$20. You could also look at the photos of the nesting boxes provided and use it as a reference for making your own wooden chicken nesting boxes.

-Ebay has some very elaborate offerings which are priced at over $300, not exactly cheap! Ebay sometimes also has chicken nesting box plans for sale for a few dollars, as well as heavy duty mats you can place in the bottom of the chicken nesting box that can be taken out washed and will last a lifetime.

-Craiglist usually has some deals on metal chicken nesting boxes. I have seen these range from $10-$100 for 6 hole galvanized chicken nesting boxes. Keep an eye on Craigslist in your area and be ready to jump on the opportunities as they sale quickly.

Final Thoughts

Providing adequate nesting boxes for your chickens does not have to require a huge investment in time or money. You can make these nesting boxes yourself for very little expense or be frugal and find some good deals. Keep your hens happy and save money in the process while reusing something that might otherwise have been discarded.

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