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Chantecler Chicken Breed

Chantecler Chicken Breed Picture

Chantecler Chicken Breed

The Chantecler chicken breed was developed at the Oka Agricultural Institute in Quebec, Canada. After 10 years of breeding and development, the Chantecler chicken breed was introduced in 1918.

The Chantecler was created as a hardy, dual purpose breed that could stand the severe climate of a Canadian winter. The Chantecler was purposely bred with a small comb and wattles to avoid frostbite issues. The Chantecler breed is considered one of the best dual purpose chicken breeds for cold climates and harsh winters.

The White Chantecler chicken breed was bred from the following established breeds: Dark Cornish, Rhode Island Red, White Wyandotte,  White Plymouth Rock, and the White Leghorn chicken breed.

The Partridge Chantecler breed was developed in Edmonton, Alberta from the following breeds: Dark Cornish, Partridge Cochin, Partridge Wyandotte, and Rose Comb Brown Leghorn.


Chantecler Chicken Breed ProfileChantecler Chicken Breed

Class: American

Varieties: White, Partridge

Weight:     Rooster:8.5lbs     Hen:6.5lbs     Cockerel:7.5lbs     Pullet:5.5lbs

Comb: Small and cushion shaped

Tail: Large and full feathered. Rooster’s is carried at 45 degrees and the hen’s at 30 degrees

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