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Catalana Chicken Breed

catalana chicken breed picture

Catalana Chicken Breed

Originating from the district of Prat, Spain, the Buff Catalana chicken breed was first introduced in 1902. The Catalana chicken breed was first introduced at the works fair in Madrid, Spain and became popular in South American countries.

The Catalana chicken breeds are great dual purpose chickens, though not popular in the United States. The Catalana is known as a good meat chicken, as well as an excellent laying hen of large to medium white eggs.

The Catalana chicken breed is known as a hardy chicken breed that grows vigorously. The Roosters have various shades of buff coloring with a greenish black tail. The hen is an overall buff color with a black tail.


Catalana Chicken Breed

Catalana Chicken Breed

Catalana Chicken Breed Profile

Class: Mediterranean

Variety: Buff

Weight:     Rooster:8lbs     Hen:6lbs     Cockerel:6.5lbs     Pullet:5lbs

Comb: Single comb. The Rooster has 6 erect points in addition to a blade near the back of the neck. The hen’s comb is erect on the front portion and the rear if the comb droops to the side.

Tail: The tail is black and carried at a 45 degree angle.

Legs: Slate colored legs and feet

Eggs: White medium or large eggs

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