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Brahma Chicken Breed

Brahma chicken breed picture

Brahma Chicken Breed

The Brahma chicken breed originates in Asia’s Brahmaputra River Valley as a cross between Shanghais and Malays. The Brahma is believed to have landed in New York in 1850 on a ship. Some believe that the Brahma chicken breed was created in the United States.

Either way the Brahma was first exhibited in Boston by O.S. Hatch who created the pea comb variety, thought to be perfect for the Northeastern US due to its small size and frost resistance. After Queen Victoria was gifted a quill pen made from the Brahma feather, the chicken breed became the favorite Asiatic chicken breed in England.

The Light Brahma variety has a Columbian plumage and lustrous greenish black feathers laced with shiny white. The Buff Brahma variety has the same patterns, except it has a golden color instead of the white. The Dark Brahma Variety is silver penciled and has some greenish black and shiny white.

The Brahma chicken breed is a beautiful breed with a great temperament, especially for families with children. The breed will lay medium sized brown eggs and 3 eggs per chicken every week. Though not the best laying hens, Brahmas are a large breed, making them one of the best meat chickens. Roosters can grow to as large as 12Lbs and females to 9Lbs. Between moderate egg production and the excellent meat production, the Brahma chicken breed make excellent dual purpose chickens. Brahmas will lay around 150 eggs per chicken in a single year. The Brahma chicken breed is a brown egg layer.

Brahma Chicken Breed Profile

Class: Asiatic

Varieties: Dark, Light, and Buff

Weight:     Cock:12Lbs     Hen:9.5Lbs     Cockerel:10Lbs     Pullet:8Lbs

Comb: Small Pea type

Tail: Full, Medium Length. Carried high and well spread

Legs: Feathered well on legs and feet on the outside only

Eggs: Medium sized and Brown

Eggs per year: Approximately 150

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