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Barred Rock Chicken Breed AKA Plymouth Rock

Barred Rock Rooster Picture

Plymouth and Barred Rock Chicken Breed

Plymouth rocks come in a few varieties. The most common is the Barred Rock. Boston is home to the first appearance of the Plymouth Rock Breed in 1849. The Plymouth Rock is a cross of the Cochin, Dorking, Malay, and red jungle fowl, creating a chicken breed with many variations of plumage and leg color. It is believed that the original Barred Rocks disappeared and that modern day Barred Rocks are a re-creation of the original chicken breed.

It seems that the Barred Rocks of today were created by crossing a Black Java female with a Dominique male and mating the offspring with Dominiques. By 1882 the Barred Rock chicken breed was declared the most popular breed of chicken in America, by The Complete Poultry Book. The hardiness of the Barred Rock chicken breed and docile nature, combined with its excellent egg and meat production made the Barred Rock highly popular in the states.

This dual purpose chicken is one of the best laying hens. Barred Rock chickens are known for laying eggs throughout the winter, however with decreased production. They are a large chicken breed, resulting in a one of the best meat chickens as well. The Barred Rock chicken breed is a brown egg layer.

In terms of temperament, laying hens are calm and will get along well with people and other animals. Barred Rock chickens are one of the best pet chickens. They often will go broody, in the right environment, and are good mothers.

Barred Rocks are a cold hardy chicken breed and are known as a long lived chicken.

Plymouth Rocks come in many different colors with beautiful plumage. The most common are the Barred Rock, named for the black and white bars on their feathers.

Barred Rock Hen

Barred Rock Hen

Barred Rock Chicken Breed Profile

Class: American

Varieties: Barred, White, Buff, Blue, Columbian, Partridge, Silver Penciled

Weight:     Rooster:9.5Lbs     Hen:7.5Lbs     Cockerel:8Lbs     Pullet:6Lbs

Comb: Medium single with five evenly serrated points with the middle three being larger

Tail; Medium sized, The rooster’s is carried at a 30 degree agle and the hen’s at 20 degrees

Legs: Yellow shanks and toes

Eggs: Large size, Pinkish to medium brown color

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