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Australorp Chicken Breed

Australorp Chicken Breed Picture

Australorp Chicken Breed

The Australorp chicken breed come from Black Orpingtons bed in the 1880s. Ausralorps were first bred in England and developed further in Australia as a dual purpose chicken. Australorp chicken breeds have been known to produce 339 eggs per chicken in a single year!

Australorp Chicken Breed Profile

Class: English

Variety: Black

Weight: Rooster:8.5lbs     Hen:6.5 lbs     Cockerel:7.5lbs     Pullet:5.5 lbs

Comb: single, 5 distinct points standing erect. The first point is smaller the the other 4

Tail: longer tail with a 40 degree angle

Legs: black shanks and toes for younger chickens. They turn to a dark slate as the chicken matures. Bottoms of the feet and toes are pinkish white in color

Eggs: Medium sized brown eggs

Plumage: black under color with a greenish black color on the surface

Eggs Per Year: up to 339 eggs per chicken annually!

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