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Aseel Chicken Breed, 5000 Years Old

Aseel chicken breed picture

Aseel Chicken Breed

The Aseel chicken breed is the oldest known chicken breed of game fowl. The Aseel chicken breed was bred in India for cock fighting over 5000 years ago. The word “Aseel” is a Hindu word meaning “high born” or “aristocratic”. The princes of India kept the Aseel chicken breed for their pugnacious qualities.

The roosters are known for their aggressive qualities when confined, however are docile when kept apart from other rosters. The Aseel chicken breed is also known as one of the most intelligent chicken breeds. The breeds became popular for their ample amount of breast meat. The Aseel laying hens may only lay 1 to 3 eggs per chicken in a year. The Aseel can be a white egg layer or a brown egg layer.
The Aseel chicken breed has a small head with no feathers and a short strong beak. The plumage is wiry with no fluff.

Aseel Chicken Breed Profile

Class: other standard breeds

Varieties: black breasted red, wheaten female, wheaten male

Weight:     rooster:5.5lbs     hen:4lbs     cockerel: 4.5lbs     pullet:3lbs

Comb: pea

Tail: medium length

Legs: yellow shanks and toes. Short legs, set far apart

Eggs: small, white or light brown