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Ameraucana Chicken Breed

Ameraucana Chicken Eggs Picture

Ameraucana Chicken Breed

The Ameraucana Chicken Breed has a rounded muff and beard with 3 separate lobes. They have small wattles or none at all.
Ameraucanas were created in the states in the 1970’s and are well known for their colorful eggs.

Created from the Araucana, they lay eggs in beautiful shades of blues and greens. The colorful eggs are derived from the Araucana, however the Ameraucana has a better meat quality than its predecessor. They also differ in physical attributes with the ameraucana being a larger and heavier chicken. Ameraucana s also posses a tail, a beard and muff while the Araucana did not.

Ameraucana Chicken Breed

Ameraucana Chicken Breed

Ameraucana Chicken Breed

Class: Other

Varieties: black, blue, blue wheaton, brown red, buff, silver, wheaton, white

Weight:     rooster: 6.5 lbs     hen:5.5 lbs     cockeral:5.5 lbs     pullet:4.5 lbs

Comb: small pea

Ameraucana Chicken Breed

Ameraucana Hen

Tail: medium length. Rooster’s is carried at a 45 degree angle. Hen’s at a 40 degree

Legs: slate colored toes and shanks

Eggs: medium sized. Colors of blue, gréén, and turquoise

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